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16-3-26 with Added Calcium -- Water Soluble Fertilizer. 25 lbs

16-3-26 with Added Calcium -- Water Soluble Fertilizer.  25 lbs
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FERT:16-3-26 w/Ca
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16-3-26 with High K and added 3.5 Calcium   ...  Water Soluble Fertilizer -- 25 lb Bags

Contains Blue Dye so you can see it going through your fertilizer injector and drip irrigation system.

 Apply at 5 to 10 lbs per acre as a foliar application to supplement the normal soil applied fertility program.  The rate for backpack sprayers is 2 ounces per gallon of water. 


Jon's Recommendations:  For growing in a high tunnel or a large garden, I recommend this as a our tomato fertilizer.  For my tomatoes I usually use 25 lbs in 24 gallons of water. I will send a copy of the micros also.  Every grower has their own way.  If you are happy with the growth and fruit set you are getting I would consider finishing this year and trying mine out next year.  Plants can sometimes be finicky to change.  I also would recommend using foliar applications of Calcium chelate. 


These are general fertilizer recommendations. It is recommended that you do a soil test and leaf samples. 
 Do not burn your plants with fertilizer!
Please verify the calculations provided for Fertigating
with an Injector. It is highly recommended that
you measure the product carefully.
If you are growing Tomatoes and Peppers,
you need to spray them every week with Calcium
Chelate at a rate of 2 oz per 1,000 feet
Fertigation with your Drip Irrigation System:
Inject fertilizer solution through the irrigation system
which will provide nutrients during the irrigation
cycle. Use maximum of 2 lbs of product per gallon
of stock solution.
Dosatron Injector: You will set the unit to the desired
rate and make a stock solution. Use the chart Below
as a guide.
(www.DosatronUSA.com has a Calculator if you
would like a different ratio than what is shown below.)
Adding Fertilizer thru Drip Irrigation using a
“siphon-type” Injector (EZ Flo or Mazzei) for
standard vegetable production: Apply 5 lbs.
of 16-3-26 w/High K & 3.5 Ca per 1000’ feet,
per week.
Mazzei Siphon-Type: Mix fertilizer with enough water
that everything is thoroughly dissolved. First, run the
system until all irrigation lines are full of water. Siphon
fertilizer into your lines. Continue running the drip lines
after fertilizing. By flushing the fertilizer, you will keep
your drip lines cleaner & working better.
EZ Flo Unit: Fill the tank with dry fertilizer or mix with
just enough water that it will pour easily. See the unit’s
manual or online at ezfloinjection.com for more info on
Ratio Settings using their Cap Dial
Backpack Sprayer:  1 TBSP per Gallon
Mixing Note:  Add fertilizer to mix or spray tank when
it is about half full, then continue to fill.
Caution:  Do not apply to drought stressed plants
     or during hot, high light conditions or when plants
are wilting.  Do not use with highly alkaline
sprays, dormant oils, dinitro compounds or
lime-sulfur ixtures. 

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