50 lb. Bag of Filter Sand No. 20 Silica

50 lb. Bag of Filter Sand   No. 20 Silica
  • sand media filter
  • sand filter for irrigation from a pond
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50 lb. Bag of Filter Sand   No. 20 Silica

  • TIP:  We like for the sand to reach the top of the Label on the side of your Filter Tank.
  • You will likely have a little extra sand.  If so, save it & add it to filters in a year or so after lots of backflushing.

* Sand should be No. 20 standard silica (uniformity coefficient not greater than 1.75) .018-.020 in diameter particle size.

Dear Customer:

Many farmers have a very valuable asset on the farm that they take for granted and completely ignore.   The common farm pond contains that wonderful treasure ---WATER!  When we team this with Drip Irrigation, it’s the perfect complement for a great growing season!

 Sand Filters are an extremely valuable tool to any grower with access to surface water (pond, river, stream etc.).  Growers should recognize that pond water is a valuable asset that should be protected from contamination from livestock or silt filling in. 

Sand filters, in conjunction with drip irrigation, allow the farmer to provide his crop with regular waterings which are proven to have higher yields than crops depending on rain.  This is also a fairly inexpensive way to irrigate.

The filters are simple and have very few moving parts.  I have found they work well for many years without requiring any maintenance other than replacing the media every other year.  

Joe D, CEO, Berry Hill Irrigation, Inc.


NOTE:  As described by www.irrigationtutorials.com :

 “The sand that works so well to catch the algae is #20 sharp silica.  Do not buy Pool Filter Sand locally.   The sand must be #20 in order to filter algae properly and keep your drip lines clean. Media filters are best for removing organic material from the water. This is where the importance of the sharp edged media comes into play. These sharp edges snag the organics which would otherwise slime and slither their way through the small spaces. This is why it is important to use sharp media.”



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