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MANIFOLD B for Breaking System into Zones. Mainline Designs with Pressure Regulators and Valves

MANIFOLD B for Breaking System into Zones.  Mainline Designs with Pressure Regulators and Valves
  • Manifold A can be requested
  • Manifold Design Layout Suggestion
  • Manifold Design Layout Suggestion
  • Manifold B with optional size Regulators
  • Manifold C can be requested
Manifold B 3/4
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These will help you layout your Drip System when you need to make ZONES.   * Add your Filter and Spigot Adapter Here.


DRIP DESIGN GUIDE by Berry Hill Irrigation


Step 1:  Add up your total row feet of drip tape in each field. Figure GPM (gallons per minute) in each field by total feet x flow rate of tape.

Step 2:  Pick  Sub-main Pipe size by your flow going through.  1 1/2” up to 17 gpm 2” up to 35 gpm 3” up to 75 gpm  4” up to 160 gpm.  We usually use flattube (Oval Hose) 

Step 3:  Choose a manifold that fits your fields layout and carries enough water for that field.  Manifold B is most desired because of even pressure over submain.

Step 4:  Chose Main Line that will carry gpm for each field that you would like to water at one time.  1 1/2” 30 gpm,  2” 50 gpm 3” 110 gpm 4” 190 gpm.  We usually use Layflat.

Step 5: Chose Media Filters that will allow enough flow for all fields that you would like to water at one time and handle pressure.             Fiberglass Filters are the most popular and handle up to 50 psi. 

Step 6: Choose a Fertilizer injector. For pond systems, we recommend a Mazzei Injector.  For Homeowners and Gardens (large or small), the EZ Flo is an excellent choice.

Step 7: Pick a pump that will deliver enough water  and leave you with enough pressure to make the injector, filters and loss in the pipes.   Please call for assistance. 

Step 8:  Decide on your fittings you would like to use: 400B fitting or 420-BV-06-LS that has valve on each row.   Add up total number of rows and order one fitting for each and a punch.

Step 9:  Order fittings to go around obstructions and to mend pipe as needed.  Tape couplings, goof plugs, clamps, Insert fittings

Step 10:  Call us with your order or come by and pick up.

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