Antelco Spectrum Spikes and Heads #32095, 32045

Antelco Spectrum Spikes and Heads  #32095, 32045
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ANT 32095
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Spectrum™ 360 Degree Spray Jet --An adjustable full circle vortex spray jet with fine water droplets. Covers a wider area than the Shrubbler. Great when you have a densely planted flower bed you want to water efficiently and inexpensively with minimal evaporative loss, just a little more than the Shrubbler. Reduce diameter or turn sprayer off by simply rotating the cap. Cap removes for easy cleaning.

Need more Spectrums to go with your DripMate Kit?  Here they are!  An adjustable full circle vortex spray jet with fine water droplets.  If you are new to Spectrums, be sure and start with a DripMate Spray Kit and get everything you need to make the system work.


An adjustable flow, full circle vortex sprayer with fine water droplets. Flow and coverage can be altered by rotating the cap.

  • Finger-tip flow control with shut-off option.
  • Spike model to anchor Spectrum™ at the plant.
  • Barb model for direct attachment to feeder and supply lines.
  • Threaded model for installation into Rigid Risers and Asta® Stakes.
  • 1/2" Threaded model for riser pipe installations.


Pots, tubs, ground cover, landscaped gardens and nurseries. Waters large garden areas when used with Asta® Stakes and risers.

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