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Antelco Vari-Jet and Vari-Mist Assemblies

Antelco Vari-Jet and Vari-Mist Assemblies
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ANT 50305
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Great for Flower Beds - Landcaping - Seed Beds

  This sprayer fills in the larger areas in a complete circle. If you have taller plants, you'll need taller Asta Stakes to clear the plants. The small stakes are more unobtrusive, though, so use the smallest you can.


90 Degree Option:  Ideal for landscape applications such as the corner of a walkway, where only partial spray pattern is desired. Antelco's comprehensive range of Asta Stakes and Sprays allow you to find just the right sprayer needed in your growing landscape and home gardens. Choose from two different size stakes with this 90 degree spray. You'll need taller stakes if you have taller plants the spray will need to clear.

180 Degree Option: Ideal for locations such as the side of a building or walkway, where water is wanted on only one side. If you have taller plants, you'll need taller stakes to clear the plants. The shorter ones are a bit more unobtrusive, so use them as much as possible.

360 Degree Option:  Ideal for large flower beds.  Water a larger area with a circular pattern!     Depending on your water Flow, this option throws 18 - 26 FEET.

Vari Mist Option: Have plants that require humidity? These jets are perfect. They're also useful  when sprouting seed and for watering hanging baskets. They come in the 90 degree, 180 degree and 360 degree styles and 12" or 21" stake sizes.


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