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Fan-Jet Microsprinklers for narrow beds, seed beds, Blueberries.

Fan-Jet Microsprinklers for narrow beds, seed beds, Blueberries.
  • SK series by Bowsmith
  • Fan Jet S Pattern
BOWSMITH 8507-35-S
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**PRICE INCLUDES COMPLETE ASSEMBLY:   Sprayer Head, 36" Micro Tubing, 12 1/2" Tall Stake and 1/4" Barb Joiner.

Simply punch a hole with 250 Punch into Poly Tubing (1/2 or 3/4" Poly) and insert Barb.  Use a Figure 8 End to close off Poly!!  

Note: Wetted area extends to the base of the Fan-Jet

Fan-Jet Features:

- Quick thread for fast installation        -Exclusive Fan-Jet frame       -Twin wedge post construction.

-Durable,low profile,impact resistant.     - Consistent patterns - Uniform flows 

-Open design–no pockets to collect debris or harbor insects.


-High grade copolymer material for limited creep and shrinkage.Splash plate maintains  precise alignment over time.

-Integral fixed splash plate      -No moving parts to jam or wear out.   

-Stays aligned with nozzle for consistent patterns.

- Superior 2-piece design: nozzle and twin wedge post frame with splash plate are molded separately



8507-35-S   Type S "Strip Spray"  (Imagine a Sidewalk)  ** Good for rooting plugs too.

Pattern: S     with Orange Nozzle

  • Nozzle Size: #35          

  • Pressure: 20 -30 psi

  • Approx. Diameter: 2' Wide x 6' Long feet


  • Standard Trajectory

  • Coverage Angle: 10 degrees



8507-40-K   Type K Pattern  #40 Blue Nozzle  MIST with High Trajectory


    • 8' DIAMETER
    • 10.7 - 13 gph 

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