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Netafim PC Spray Stakes and Assemblies - Inexpensive and Work Great

Netafim PC Spray Stakes and Assemblies - Inexpensive and Work Great
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Pressure Compensating Spray Stake Assemblies by Netafim Irrigation.     * Use the pull down arrow above to choose your Assembly or Part needed. * 

  • Assemblies include

  • 36" or 48" length of tubing with correlating WPC Dripper (3.2 or 6.6 GPH)

  • Elbow

  • Spray Stake (single plum, single grey or double spray grey)



As long as you have enough water and pressure for the stake you select, it’s hard to go wrong. Netafim PC Spray Stakes will work in a very wide range of pot sizes (see table at right for general recommendations). Just remember, these are not strict limitations, just general guidelines. Many growers with larger pots use higher flow spray stakes while others prefer to use lower flow spray stakes and simply operate them longer.

The next consideration is how long a row or ‘run’ of pots you want to water. Lower flow spray stakes can water longer runs than higher flow spray stakes. See the Design Help section of this brochure to be sure the flow you select will be appropriate for your water resources and field configuration.



Most flow models offer both a single and a double spray pattern. The double spray pattern is selected when the stake will be placed closer to the trunk of the tree than the side of the container. Here it will wet more soil than the single spray and can be positioned to minimize wetting the base of the trunk.


  • Netafim Spray Stake Assemblies are specifically designed and matched to the container shape producing uniform and accurate wetting patterns for Nursery Containers from 3 to 30 gallons in size. They are an excellent solution where the primary means of fertilization is top dressing and where very coarse textured bark mixes are used.



Product Advantages


  • Spray Patterns Designed for Nursery Containers Pick the spray pattern that is right for your plants
  • Simplifies Design Layout Reduces system costs
  • Simple, Secure Shut-Off Prevents water waste and accidental close-offs
  • Adaptable to All Soil Media Types Stake or rod mount options available
  • Full Range of Flows
  • Low Maintenance Lowers cost of operation
  • Easy Installation Prevents problems that increase installation costs



  • Filtration Operating: 120 Mesh
  • Operating Pressure: 4.12”
  • Stake Length: Black Flex PE 5/3mm 0.197“ x 0.125”
  • Tubing:  White Flex PE 5/3mm 0.197“ x 0.125”
  • Spray Radius: 12” - 16”
  • Spray Pattern: 160 Degrees

 *Based on flow at an average of 15 psi

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