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*Most Popular Heavywall * DNH Heavywall Dripperline, 1,000' Rolls by Netafim. Choose your spacing and flow.

*Most Popular Heavywall * DNH Heavywall Dripperline, 1,000' Rolls by Netafim. Choose your spacing and flow.
  • Sanctuary Vineyard
  • Heavywall dripperline to flexible pvc and pvc buried in vineyard or orchard
  • DNH- Westmoreland Berry
  • Dripperline Heavywall around a tree
NET:DNH .4-12, 17mm
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The DNH Heavywall Dripperline is our most popular form of irrigation for Blackberries, Blueberries, Grapes and planted Shrubbery.

.42 gph is the most common flow and most available option.   Regulating Pressure for 0.42 GPH: 6 to 43 psi

All Tubing is 17mm (0.570" inside diameter) except the DNH .4-24 20mm.  The 20mm Tubing is 0.690" inside diameter.


Pressure Compensating Emitters assure uniform watering!

      Netafim's Heavywall Dripperline performs well for years, can be used on slopes, large fields, and long runs. Self-flushing system with wide filtration area improves resistance to clogging, and makes it more resistant when using low quality water.

       Ideal for tree and vine crops, Netafim heavywall dripperlines provide growers with efficient, money-saving tools to better manage specific water and nutrient requirements. 


   Pressure compensating drippers provide higher uniformity on steeper fields and longer runs.     Pressure compensating feature delivers precise water applications nearly everywhere in the field.  

  1. Largest filtration area prevents penetration of dirt particles into the dripper.
  2. Chemical resistant, self-cleaning, self-flushing dripper diaphragm removes debris throughout the irrigation cycle.
  3. Industry’s widest and shortest dripper flow path. Wide cross-section allows large particles to pass easily through the short flow path virtually eliminating clogging.
  4. Raised Dripper Design - Because Netafim drippers are welded to the inside wall of the tubing, their raised position points the dripper inlet toward the center of the tubing where it draws the cleanest possible water. The larger particles travel along the walls of the tubing, bypassing the dripper’s inlet, reducing entry of potentially clogging sediment.
  5. Injection-molded Dripper - Netafim pioneered the use of molded drippers and each one is manufactured to Netafim’s highest standards - the standard from which other manufacturer’s measure their performance. Injection-molded drippers are made of high quality polyethylene material and are welded into a wall of seamless tubing creating a strong and durable dripperline. The dripperline is made from the highest quality resins available so it’s resilient enough to last through multiple seasons, year after year. Netafim’s superior dripperline works better and lasts longer reducing replacement costs and maintenance requirements - saving time and money.

** Other Flows are Available, but may require a minimum order of 3 rolls.  Please Email or Call for details.

** Qty Discounts available. **  Please Inquire!

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