Ground Covers - Woven Weed Fabric with Lines every 12 inches. #GRO

Ground Covers - Woven Weed Fabric with Lines every 12 inches.   #GRO
  • Nursery on Weed Barrier - Ground Cloth
  • Perennials
  • Nursery Trees on Weed Barrier - Ground Cloth
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Our Ground Cover is a tightly woven, black polypropylene fabric that helps control weed growth and retains moisture in the soil.    Has a Green Stripe every 12" to help you place your pots.

      ** Note:  The 10 ft., 12 ft and 15 ft Rolls must ship FREIGHT Truck.  This Shipping Cost cannot be figured accurately online.  This is a different Class Rate and we need to get a quote and email you the exact shipping cost.   If you order online, we'll just contact you before shipping for approval.

Since it is a woven product, water and nutrients will seep through, eliminating unsightly and hazardous water puddles.  The cover is 3 oz. per sq. yard.

  • Stripe Every 12" to aid in Plant Placement!
  • Control weeds
  • For Nurseries
  • Cut Flowers Fields
  • Greenhouses
  • Permanent gardens
  • Flower Beds

Fabric is in stock and ready to ship today!

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  • Author: Jennifer Williamson
    Good price for this fabic.