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HT-S45E Max Strong Bind Tapener Gun - Tying Tool for heavier fruits. Does not stretch.

HT-S45E Max Strong Bind Tapener Gun - Tying Tool for heavier fruits.  Does not stretch.
  • Tying up grapes
  • Max Tie Tape
  • Smith Vines
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Max TAPENER® “HT-S45E Strong bind” with TAPE-T32B performs with a 4.6 times stronger pull apart binding force compared with performance of TAPE-15 thanks to the combination of dedicated tape and staples.

This stronger pull apart force helps to keep larger plants tied to the stake or wine branches tied to wire - efficiently replacing other ways such as hand tying. Belt Hook included.   Note: this tape does not stretch like Miracle Garden Tie.   For use on trees - it will need to be removed  as the tree grows!   

  #1 Use: Vineyards to hold the heavy loads of grapes instead of wire ties or zip ties – faster to put on

                #2 Use: Tying irrigation lines to the vineyard wires (this is right up your specialty)

                #3 Use: Heavier trees to stakes (note: will not stretch so needs to be tied loose so room to grow)

    #4 Use: Good on heavier fruits like apples, pears, kiwi where a greater hold is required.           SEE NOTE


Staples #5120 and 2 Pack of Blades # 5210 ONLY Fit the Blue Strong Bind Gun!

Black, Tarpaulin New Strong Bind Max Tape #T32B works with the Blue Max HT-S45e Gun only!    * Please note:  This very strong tape will not break off as the Tree grows.


Our formulation of the plastic uses more rubberizers and plasticizers to ensure the tie retains its long lasting stretch and strength. The largest competitors today are now supplying tape
made in China or Taiwan. It does not have the long lasting stretch - if it stretches much at all.



Max Tapeners® can perform the equivalent amount of work that 3-4 men can do by hand tying. Often this pays for the tool in one day and saves you money every day after that. For example, there is huge labor savings in vineyards when doing seasonal training of grape vines to their trellises.

Nurseries all around the world increase productivity by training their trees faster with the Tapeners®. In addition, it saves on usage of the vinyl tape. The stapled strip of tape uses much less tape than the hand tied knots.

*** NOTE:  Tape & Staples are not included with the Gun.   One Blade is included.  See Related Products for more options!
  • Max Tapeners are simple to operate and last a long time. 
  • There are replacement parts available and detailed instructions.
  • The same staples fit the Max HT-B and HT-B2
  • Blades for HT-B and HT-R2 are not the same.

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