Porch-Patio-Deck Automatic Watering System. Irrigation to Water 15 Flower Pots with little water! #Kit Basket

Porch-Patio-Deck Automatic Watering System.  Irrigation to Water 15 Flower Pots with little water!  #Kit Basket
  • Hanging Basket Assemblies with 0.5 gph Dripper
  • Watering Kit for ferns on back porch
  • Notice how hidden the assembly is from view.
  • Fittings for the Black and White Kit
  • Hydro Rain HRC Timer
Kit Basket (Black, No Timer)
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Automatically Water Your Porch /  Patio  / Deck  Pots and Hanging Baskets with Ease

This DIY Irrigation Kit is simple and easy to use!    Do you have flowers on your deck or porch that start out gorgeous, but quickly suffer in the heat?    Forget to water them? 
ME TOO!  This Kit is for you, for your Mom and for your best friend!    It has 100 feet of mainline tubing to wrap around your deck or porch and reach all your pots! 



  • 1/2 inch x 100 foot Mainline Blue-Stripe® Poly Tubing (Choose Creamy White or Black)
  • 15 Hanging Basket Drippers (Assemblies with Weights that hold the tubing in the basket.)
  •        --   Dripper Assemblies come in 2 lengths.  10 at 24 inches long; 5 at 36 inches long.  May be used on large pots or hanging pots.  Use 2 for XL pots.   You may also cut them shorter or extend them with included joiner.
  • 1 Snap on Tap Adapter and Screen Filter.   This connects directly to your Spigot/Garden Hose one one side and mainline poly tubing on the other.  Keeps lines open and clean.
  • 15 J-Clamps.  These are clamps with a Nail to secureyour mainline to the deck or porch beams. Exchange nails for screws where necessary.   #CLJ-3 1/2
  • 3 Tees and securing Clamps.  Part #s  TLTEE    #Ant 44335
  • 10 Elbows and securing Clamps  Part #s  TLELL    #Ant 44335
  • 1 Coupler and securing Clamps   Part #s   TLCOUP   #Ant 44335
  • 1 Card Goof Plugs  (for mistakes or layout changes)  #MP-1
  • 2 Micro Joiners  (Couple 1/4 inch lines)  #Ant 40995
  • 4 Figure-8 End Closures for Mainline Poly.    # Figure-8 1/2
  • 1 Key Punch   #Punch Key
  • Detailed Instructions
  • Only Tool Required -- Pair of Scissors!


   Professional products to last for years!  The kit comes with everything that you need but not too much.  It comes with a few repair fittings and is easy to assemble and customize!

We recommend you add a Timer!   2 Options Below or Choose from any of our Timers Here.

   HRC 980 Hose Tap Timer by Orbit

The HRC 980 1-Dial 1-Outlet Multi Start Time Hose Bib Controller will turn your hose bib into a programmed sprinkler system in minutes. Just set the timer and go! With a large digital display, oversized dial, and simple controls, programming is fast and easy. Built with high-quality materials and water-resistant construction you can count on many years of dependable service.

A new generation of simplicity in hose tap timers has arrived. The HRC 980 is designed to automate any standard exterior hose faucet to manage water output to your landscape, saving you time and water. With multiple daily start times, variable day schedules, and an easy-to-understand user interface, the HRC 980 provides you with a viable temporary automated hose end, or drip system automated watering schedule without the need for 110V power.

This advanced generation of hose tap controllers provides contractors far more versatility – Four start times can now be set for SET CLOCK, START TIME, HOW LONG, and HOW OFTEN settings on the easy-grip rotary dial.


  • Large LCD screen                 *  7 Day and interval programs
  • 4 Watering start times          *  Water from 1 to 360 minutes
  • Simple to program                *  Rain delay from 1 to 7 days
  • Manual On/Off                        *  High-quality construction
  • Keeps a Long battery life    (Uses AA Batteries)
  • Overmolded brass hose faucet swivel              *  IP 35 certified            * 3 Year Warranty

8423 Aquauno Select 2-Dial Water Timer

Simply rotate two knobs, one for the time and one for the frequency, to manage irrigation with the utmost ease. This allows you to customize your own irrigation program. Battery-operated, therefore, no electrical connections required: simply screw it onto the tap. Its compact design allows it to be easily installed even in confined spaces.


  • Made in Italy
  • 2 Dials for instant programming: 7 preset frequencies, 9 preset watering durations
  • Watering frequency range from every 8 hours to every 7 day; watering cycle duration range from 1 minute to 60 minute
  • Starting time of watering cycle happens when the frequency dial is turned
  • 5 Minute preset manual mode
  • Quick-click® coupling included for fast and easy hose removal
  • One 9V alkaline battery required (not included)                  * 2-year Warranty


Customer Reviews

  • Author: Sandy Briscoe
    I love my irrigation system the we purchased from Berry Hill. My husband installed it and it was so easy. And my Ferns are so happy on my from porch and my covered back deck. And I am happy that I don't have to water them every day.
  • Author: Jennifer Williamson
    I have this kit on my porch at home for my hanging baskets and pots. My plants get so big every year! I added an orbit timer and have used this system now about 5 years. It's easy to install and then I just leave it out all year. I just take the Filter and Timer inside during the winter months.
  • Author: Peter Berggren
    Installed this system on our front porch last weekend. Works great! In a block and stucco house such as ours, the J-clamps provided are useless... I used 1/2" plastic straps with concrete screws instead. See the "Share" section for a photo. Perhaps this kit should offer the necessary parts for installation into concrete, as an option?