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DIGs Easiest Battery Timer #B092A 4 Daily Start Times. Simple 2 Dial setup

DIGs Easiest Battery Timer #B092A  4 Daily Start Times. Simple 2 Dial setup
  • Dig's easiest to use timer B092A at a low price for home irrigation.
  • Dig's easiest to use timer B092A at a low price for home irrigation.
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BO92A Two-Dial Hose End Timer

New for 2022 – now with DC solenoid

The B092A Two-Dial Hose End Timer has joined DIG’s innovative and rugged line of battery operated controllers and timers, offering simplified programming and improved monitoring of battery power for reliable operation. With a higher flow rate at lower inlet pressures and a range of simple programming features, the B092A delivers a reliable and cost-effective solution for residential uses.

The timer has up to four start times per day with a two-minute-to-four-hour programming duration and an operating flow range of .1 to 6.3 gallons per minute for use in a wide range of applications, including drip irrigation or micro sprinkler systems connected to a garden hose or faucet/spigot. It uses one 9-volt alkaline battery that can last for up to one year.


  • 3/4” FHT inlet and MHT outlet
  • Watering duration from 2 minutes to 240 minutes
  • Eight watering intervals ranging from every six hours to once per week
  • Low battery auto lock out to ensure the timer cannot open unless it can close
  • Low energy use (less than 20 micro amps in standby mode) ensures long battery life
  • Easy manual operations using a single button
  • High water flow at normal water pressures
  • Operates on low water flows of less than 0.5 GPM
  • 14% of higher flow at 30 PSI
  • High strength female hose thread connection with easy removal via spring clip
  • Powered by one 9-volt alkaline battery with battery life up to one year
  • Weather resistant
  • Three year limited warranty



This Two-Dial Hose End Timer has a 3/4″ swivel female hose thread inlet and male hose thread outlet so it can be attached to a garden hose or faucet/spigot. Our suggestion is to install the timer above ground to any male hose thread connection.
The timer uses two dials and one button to program. The left dial is used to set the duration, the right dial is used to select the interval of operation and the enter button is used to accept the program and start.


This hose end timer requires one 9-volt battery (alkaline battery recommended).

  1. To install the battery, use firm pressure to lift the battery compartment cover in the back of the unit.
  2. Insert the male/female battery terminals into the female/male contacts of the battery harness, and place the battery in the battery compartment.
  3. Put the battery compartment cover in its proper place, ensuring a triangle is formed on the underside of the timer.

Installation into a faucet

  1. Connect the timers’ swivel female hose thread to the faucet by turning the swivel adapter clockwise onto the faucets’ male hose threads.
  2. OPTIONAL: If the timer is installed with a drip irrigation system, make sure to add a 25 or 30 PSI pressure regulator after the timer to lower the pressure to the drip system. Then, install a 150 or higher mesh screen filter to protect the drip system, following with a swivel adapter to the drip tubing. After the timer has been programmed, open the faucet on and test the timer by turning the interval dial to MAN and pressing the ENTER button. Review the instruction manual included with the unit for complete programming and installation details.



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