Kit Pro 2: This Complete Kit will includes all the essentials for a 2-ACRE crop using a Pond or River.

Kit Pro 2:  This Complete Kit will includes all the essentials for a 2-ACRE crop using a Pond or River.
  • Montague's Watermelons
  • Mazzei Pump and Sand Filter
KIT PRO 2 (TR-40)
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Attention New Growers: Do you want to grow something and use drip irrigation, but are unsure what to buy? This Kit will introduce you to drip irrigation and includes the essentials for a 2-acre drip system.

Why keep hauling water?   Use your local pond or water source for the drip irrigation system.  Water up to two acres at one time with this complete drip kit!

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  • 1 Set of TR-40 Media Filters

  • Sand for Media Filters
  • 2 Rolls of 8 Mil AquaTraxx Drip Tape  - EA5081245
  • 6.5 HP Honda GRX Pump
  • 20’ of 2” Suction Hose with Quick Disconnect and Foot Valve
  • Manifold B 2" With Pressure Regulator and Mainline Hookup Fittings
  • 2” x 300’ Layflat (Main Line Tubing)
  • 2” x 450’ Oval Hose (SubMain Line)  
  • Fifty 400B-06-LS Drip Tape Fittings  
  • Ten 2” Clamps * Two 2” Couplers 
  • Two 2” Plugs * Five 400B Goof Plugs   *  10 Drip Tape Couplers    (Page 6, Page 10)
  • One Punch for 400-B’s 


Item #Kit Pro 2 $3245.00


• Change your Pump ** ASK **

• Upgrade to TR-60 Filters to Basic Price

• Exclude Pump & Suction Line Subtract ** ASK ** from the Basic Price

• Add a Mazzei Fertilizer Injector #584     (Page 32)

• Add an EZ Flo Injector EZ 2525 PRO (see Page 22)

NOTE: This system is ideal for watering from ponds or streams.

By adding a Ball Valve Manifold, you can water up to 4 Acres with the Pro 2. Please see noted Pages for more information on each item. We will assemble as much of the kit as possible for you and give you complete instructions for installing the system on your own at home.


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