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MAX Paper Series Paper Tape - Bio-degradable

MAX Paper Series Paper Tape - Bio-degradable
  • PW13 compostable Max taper on branch
  • PW13 compostable Max taper on a vine
  • New vs 3 months later compostable tape
MAX 6060-0
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New - TAPE-P13W is eco-friendly tape made by paper for MAX TAPENER. This tape is decomposed in the soil. Lasts 8 months, Decomposed in 3 months in soil. Max’s paper tape ‘TAPE-P13W’ is compatible with Max tapener models HT-R45C, HT-R24C, and HT-B1. The biggest advantage of this paper tape is that when it fails and ends up in soil, it will naturally break down and disappear. We conducted a test in a tomato grower’s field, and the paper tapes had decomposed within approximately 3 months.



The LARGE rolls (MAX 6066-01) fit the MAX HT-R45L Max Tapener Gun (Full Size Tapener).

The SMALL rolls (MAX 6060-0) ONLY fit the smaller Max Tapener Garden Size Tying Gun.

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