SAND FILTER ASSEMBLIES - One Set of Fiberglass Tritons are used for filtering dirty water (pond, stream, lake water).

SAND FILTER ASSEMBLIES - One Set of Fiberglass Tritons are used for filtering dirty water (pond, stream, lake water).
  • Montague Orchard with an Injector
  • Assembled on a Trailer to use on more than one field.
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Watering from a Pond?   Stream?    Lake?   You must have a Media Filter to properly water with Drip Irrigation. 

Media Filters have the capacity of holding tremendous amounts of debris.  By using sand, there are no screens or discs to clog and unlike other filters, cleaning only takes seconds.

BERRY HILL's ORIGINAL DESIGN:  Berry Hill was the first to use a 3-way Valve design!  It's been copied many times, but call us for the best quality and best customer service!.  

Our sets include 2 Tanks and Complete Manifold with 3-way Valves as seen in picture.  Sand is not included.


  • These Valves make backflushing easy as turning a handle!  
  • These Triton Filters are built of one-piece fiberglass and are the most trusted in our industry!
  • We also stock all Triton Parts.


Model Size

Media Required

(Bags of Sand) 


Media Required

(Bags of Sand)


TR-40 18" 150 lbs (3 bags) 300 lbs  (6 bags)
TR-60 24" 300 lbs (6 bags) 600 lbs  (12 bags)
TR-100 30" 550 lbs  (11 bags) 1100 lbs (22 bags)
TR-140 36" 750 lbs  (15 bags) 1500 lbs (30 Bags)

SHIPPING ON THESE UNITS MAY VARY ** Please know that we may contact you about the Shipping Method.  The website cannot always accurately figure shipping on these Sets along with Sand and the Manifold.    Depending on the size of your filters and where you live, we may have to change how they ship and this could * increase or decrease the amount figured online.*   We want to ship them the best way so they will not be damaged and arrive timely.

Please call or email if you have any concerns!    We will not change your shipping or charge you for anything without prior approval!!

Why a Media Filter?

Many farmers have a very valuable asset on the farm that they take for granted and completely ignore. The common farm pond contains that wonderful treasure ---WATER! When we team this with Drip Irrigation, it’s the perfect complement for a great growing season!
Sand Filters are an extremely valuable tool to any grower with access to surface water (pond, river, stream etc.). Growers should recognize that pond water is a valuable asset that should be protected from contamination from livestock or silt filling in.
Sand filters, in conjunction with drip irrigation, allow the farmer to provide his crop with regular waterings which are proven to have higher yields than crops depending on rain. This is also a fairly inexpensive way to irrigate.
The filters are simple and have very few moving parts. I have found they work well for many years without requiring any maintenance other than replacing the media every other year.
Joe Davidson
Berry Hill Irrigation, Inc.

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