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EZ 2005 / EZ 2020 - 3/4 or 2.5 Gallon EZ-Flo Fertilizer Injectors. * FREE SHIPPING

EZ 2005 / EZ 2020 - 3/4 or 2.5 Gallon EZ-Flo Fertilizer Injectors. * FREE SHIPPING
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EZ 2005-HB
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It's Proven-- EZ-Flo feeds gently, in small "Micro Dosing" amounts , with each watering, giving the plants a healthier root system that makes them stronger, more drought tolerant and less suspectible to insects and diseases.

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  • These Tanks are part of the 2000 series.
  • Only install in on/off pressure applications where the system is only under pressure when in use!
  • See Next Product for Constant Pressure Systems.
  • Do not use over 50 PSI.   Do not let Freeze.


  • EZ Flo Feeding Chart  (Example below)

Feed Rate Ratio Tank     Capacity     Gallons to Empty

Slow 1000 to 1                  .75 gal          1000 x .75 = 750

 #1         500 to 1               .75 gal            500 x .75 = 375


General Fertilizer Recommendations        NOTE:  It is recommended that you do a soil test and leaf samples.   ** Contact your local Extension Agent for these tests.
Warning:  Remember, more is not always better.  I have killed more with fertilizer than I have helped!

General Fertilizer Application Rates
Apply 3.5 lbs of 20-20-20 per 1,000 feet per week.  Once you have fruit set, apply 5 lbs per 1,000’ of 16-.3-26 Agrolution High K with 3.5 Ca with minors (Calcium).

Using Calcium to Prevent Problems:  If you are growing Tomatoes and Peppers, you need to spray them every week with Calcium Chelate at a rate of 2 oz per 1,000 feet. (Mix with approximately 1 gallon of water.)

Using Calcium when you see a Problem:  Spray Foliarly (the leaves) immediately at rate of 2 oz to 1 gallon water.

Can I use Organic Fertilizer? 

EZ-FLO studies have shown EZ-FLO units efficiently deliver even the heaviest organic products. The internal flow ports of the system are large and protected by a fine, non-clogging screen. This screen prevents downstream clogging in your drip emitters or spray heads.

If the desired organic is oil-based (lighter than water), the unit may not be able to pull the mixture since the pickup tube pulls from the bottom of the tank.

Is this Easy to Use?

EZ-FLO Hose and Drip systems can be installed in minutes by the average homeowner and are great for use when you don't have a dedicated irrigation system or want to separately address certain types of plants that require specialty garden fertilizers and supplements.

The standard hose installation includes the hose bib adapter. If the hose bib is not separately protected from backflow then a standard anti-siphon valve will also need to be purchased (Part #3050). In order to convert a Hose and Drip feeder to single sprinkler zone connection, a separate EZ-FLO Ball Valve Coupling connection is available for purchase.


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