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MAX HT-R45L Max Tapener Gun - Vine Tying Tool (Upgraded Model of HT-R2)

MAX HT-R45L  Max Tapener Gun - Vine Tying Tool (Upgraded Model of HT-R2)
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Nurseries all around the world increase productivity by training their trees faster with the Max Tapeners® Tying Tools. In addition, it saves on usage of the vinyl tape. The stapled strip of tape uses much less tape than the hand tied knots.

Product improvements of the HT-R45L:   This model includes all the great features as the HT-R2 (see below).  They have replaced the crimping mechanism - both beefing it up and making tighter tolerance to reduce staple jams. It is similar to the mechanism used on the HT-S Strong Bind Tapeners. The staples and blades remain the same so no need to change stock other than to phase out one Tapener for the other.

This HT-R45L has the same great features as seen in last year's model - the HT-R2. 

What is new about the HT-R2 over the older "B" models?   --Scrap-free gun - no more little pieces of scrap to fall on the ground.   -- Max took out the Pusher Unit as a separate piece.  Now it's a all-in-one gun which is more durable.  

-- --This model is also 24% lighter than the HT-B2 model. This gun is easier on the hands and uses less force to squeeze and staple!!  A real plus after a long day of work!

    Max Tapeners® are simple to operate, long lasting and include detailed instructions. Max Tapeners® can perform the equivalent amount of work that 3-4 men can do by hand tying. Often this pays for the tool in one day and saves you money every day after that. For example, there is huge labor savings in vineyards when doing seasonal training of grape vines to their trellises.

*** NOTE:  Tape & Staples are not included with the Gun.   One Blade is included.  See Related Products for more options!

    The same staples fit the Max HT-B, HT-B2 and HT-R2.  Max Strong Bind staples and blades are different.
    Blades for HT-B and HT-R2 are not the same.

Road Map of HT-R Changes:

2023 HT-R2 to HT-R45L(OR) available now or when replaced by all HT-R2
2023 HT-R1 to HT-RS when HT-R1 depleted mid to late 2023
2024-5 HT-RS to HT-R24C when HT-RS stock out

Why use the Max brand of Tape?  Made in USA

How is it different?    Our formulation of the plastic uses more rubberizers and plasticizers to ensure the tie retains  its long lasting stretch and strength. The largest competitors today are now supplying tape made in China or Taiwan. It does not have the long lasting stretch - if it stretches much at all.


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