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Meganet Rotating Sprinkler Heads and Flexnet Risers by Netafim. (#663600, MGN)

Meganet Rotating Sprinkler Heads and Flexnet Risers by Netafim.  (#663600, MGN)
  • Meganet Stand. Customer Mr. Angier
  • Road Guard Makes the Sprayer 180- Degree
  • Trajectory Chart for Meganet Sprinklers by Netafim
  • Sprinkler Stand Meganet Labeled
  • Netafim Meganets on Sprinkler Stand Assembly
Meganet Heads and Accessories
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MeganetTM Rotating Impact Sprinkler by Netafim. Up to 55 Foot Diameter wetted area, excellent uniformity!   These feature 2 jets to balance them out so there is NO WOBBLE!    With a robust, compact and closed design, the MegaNet Sprinkler prevents insect penetration and is resistant to fertilizer and chemicals. It provides excellent distribution uniformity up to a 40 foot diameter wetted area.

With two water trajectory angles and seven nominal flow rates this sprinkler is ideal for open-field nurseries or under tree irrigation applications. 

  • Scroll through images for more detail.
  • We stock 5 Water Trajectory Angles to choose from.  
  • Add a Road Guard to make the Sprinkler 180 Degrees so you don't water unnecessary areas. 

Click Here for the Optional Sprinkler Stand Assembly which includes:

  1. Optional 8 mm Support Steel Stake

  2. Black Poly Adapter (holds steel stake to ID Tubing)

  3. 48" of 9 mm soft, Black ID Tubing    

  • 1 end: 1/2" FIPT adapter holds sprinkler 
  • 1 end:  PE Barb adapter punches into mainline
Excellent distribution uniformity up to a 55' Diameter Wetted Area.
These Sprinkler Stands can also be used with Mini-Wobblers.
Install with a 420 Series Punch.  Click Here

Product Advantages:

  • Perfectly balanced sprinkler with two equal water jets - no wobble.
  • Robust design is closed and compact preventing insect penetration and protecting internal parts.
  • Excellent distribution uniformity.
  • Can be installed on solid sets or in removable field stands.
  • Each unit has an individual filter for nozzle cleanliness and to simplify cleaning.
  • Color-coded for easy identification.
  • UV protected materials are durable in all climates.
  • Resistant to fertilizers and chemicals.
  • ACCESSORY: The Road Guard makes the Sprinkler 180 Degrees so you don't water unnecessary areas. 


    • Open Field Nurseries
    • Vegetables and Open Field Crops
    • Germination and Frost Protection
    • Cooling Fruit Orchards
    • Shade/Net Houses
    • Under Tree Irrigation  
    • Stake may be purchased separately - Search 65080


  • We Stock 3 Nominal Flow Rates:
    • Yellow Nozzle - 0.88 GPM
    • Green Nozzle - 1.54 GPM
    • Brown Nozzle - 2.42 GPM
  • We Stock 2 Water Trajectory Angles:
    • High - 24 degrees
    • Low - 15 degrees
  • Recommended Operating Pressure Range: 29 to 45 psi (at the sprinkler head)
  • Inlet Connection: ½" Male Threaded
  • Recommended Filtration:
    • Clean Water - Not Required
    • Dirty Water (lakes, rivers) - 40 mesh
    • Well Water (with sand) - Hydrocyclone

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