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NetBow™ Kit 10 Pack of Netbow™ Rings and Irrigation Drippers- Free Shipping

NetBow™ Kit 10 Pack of Netbow™ Rings and Irrigation Drippers- Free Shipping
  • Netbow-Kit
  • Netbow Rings to water Pots
  • Emitters and Elbows connect Netbow to the Mainline Poly
5" NETBOW-10 Pack Kit
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NETBOW™ 10 PACK KIT          FREE Shipping to the 48 US Contiguous States

Includes 10 Netbows (5 inch or 10 inch, your choice), 50 spikes, ten 36 inch lengths of white FPE tubing and 10 barbed, 2gph Netafim emitters.

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NetBow™ is an innovative, user friendly container irrigation ring with multi-outlet emitters. Featuring Typhoon™, our superior clog resistant emitter for maximum water distribution. Specially designed for irrigating containerized crops.

With NetBow, roots develop in every square inch of the container including the top layer, where root development is critical, ensuring your crops reach their full growth potential and guarantees better ROI.

To make one row of Netbow Drippers work in a line of pots, Add our Install Kit or these type items:

1/2" x 100' Poly Tubing Mainline

Figure 8 End 1/2" - shuts off Mainline

Key Punch  -- Makes Holes in mainline

Tee Screen Filter - connects to Spigot / garden hose

Power Loc PHS #55  -- connects Filter to Mainline

5mm Elbow -- Makes a smooth transition from micro tubing to the pot

15FPEW53 5/3 mm tubing

An innovative user friendly container irrigation multi outlet dripper arc with high clogging resistance and superb water distribution.

Specs. & Recommendations

  • Compatible with 2-15 Gallon (10-60L) containers
  • Diameter: 5",10" (120,250mm)
  • Flow Rate: 4-8 emitter outlets with flow of
  • 0.53 GPH (2.0 l/h) each at 14.5 psi (1.0 bar)


  • The flow from each emitter outlet will be determined by the hub dripper, based on the pressure developed in the NetBow inlet
  • We recommend that the flow of the hub dripper to be 0.53-2.11 GPH (2-8 l/h). If your flow is out of this determined range please follow Netafim guidelines for on-line emitter design.


  • Chemical and UV resistance for durability -- Colored light gray for improved light reflection
  • Max. operating pressure for hub drippers - 58.0 psi
  • High clogging resistance by associating Netafim proven Typhoon™ drippers
  • Superb uniformity with 4 (5″ ring) or 8 (10″ ring) dripping outlets
  • Easy to place in the container & to connect the micro tub


  • Surface wetting that distributes the water uniformly in the container substrate
  • The NetBow™ is patented by U.S. Design App. No. 29/709,373 and other countries
  • Options of connecting to diverse of hub drippers like: PCJ , PC, or Uniram™ with Dr. Zip™NetBow™


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