INSTALL KIT 100 FT FOR NETBOW™ - Includes Poly Tubing, Screen Filter, Garden Hose Hook-up, all fittings and more.

INSTALL KIT 100 FT FOR NETBOW™ - Includes Poly Tubing, Screen Filter, Garden Hose Hook-up, all fittings and more.
  • Netbow Rings to water Pots
  • Netbow Drip Kit for watering 10 Pots
  • Installing Netbow in a pot
  • Netbow connects to mainline using emitter and elbow.
  • pots on mainline using Netbow by Netafim
Netbow Install Kit
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100' Netbow Installation Kit includes:    $30     (Use this along with Netbow Kit or Individual Netbows)

1-   1/2" x 100' Poly Tubing Mainline
1-  3/4" Screen Filter and 30 PSI Pressure Regulator Assembly
1-  Filter to Mainline Connector   PL-55-PHS
1-   Punch
1-  Figure-8 End for 1/2" Mainline 
1-  1/2" Poly Repair Coupler ..just in case
10-  Goof Plugs... just in case
10-  11WPSCAP   Dripper Shut Off Caps to control each emitter if desired  



NETBOW™ 10" 8 OUTLETS 0.53GPH@ 14.5PSI ** Superb clogging resistant emitters by Typhoon!  Incredible technology!

Watch Netafim's new video here!

Discount for ordering by the Carton -- 60 per carton

  • Compatible with 20-40 liters (5-10 gallon) containers
  • Diameter: 250mm (10 inches)
  • Flow Rate: 8 dripping outlets with flow of 2.0 l/h 0.53 GPH each at 1.0 bar (14.5 PSI)
  • The flow from each dripping outlet will be determined by the hub dripper, based on the pressure developed in the NetBow inlet We recommend that the flow of the hub dripper to be 2-8 l/h. if your flow is out of this determined range please follow Netafim guidelines for online drippers design.
  • Superb Chemical and UV resistance for extended durability
  • Colored light gray for improved light reflection
  • Max. operating pressure 4.0 bars (58.0 PSI)
  • High clogging resistance by associating Netafim proven Typhoon™ drippers
  • Superb uniformity with 8 dripping outlets
  • Easy to place in the container & to connect the micro tube
  • Surface wetting that distributes the water uniformly in the container substrate
  • The NetBow™ is patented by U.S. Design App. No. 29/709,373 and other countries
  • Options of connecting to diverse of hub drippers like: PCJ , PC, or Uniram™ with Dr. Zip™NetBow™


An innovative user friendly container irrigation multi outlet dripper arc with high clogging resistance and superb water distribution.

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