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3/4" x 500' Poly Tubing (Black or White) #POL007 500

3/4" x 500' Poly Tubing (Black or White)   #POL007 500
  • Poly as a header line in your garden
  • Blue Stripe Poly
  • supernet sprayer in poly
POL007 500W
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3/4" x 500 Ft -Poly Tubing for Drip Irrigation Systems.  Use as a Header Line or Submain.   

** Made by Rivulis, Toro or Netafim  depending on Availability.** 

These are all high quality Tubings that are durable and long-lasting. Drive over these tubings without damage! Linear, low density polyethylene hose manufactured from the highest grade of polyethylene resins. Large diameters provide a cost-effective alternative to flexible and rigid PVC and Layflat main or submain lines.

WHITE POLY is a great option for keeping the water cool in the summer.  White Header line is perfect for Greenhouses and tender Nursery Crops where the water temperature matters. 

Sizing My Mainline:
Under 5 gpm 1/2"
5-8 gpm 3/4"
8-12 gpm 1"

Toro's Black 3/4 x 500 Poly Tubing #EHD2057-050       (0.927 x .817)   0.805" ID   Wall Thickness 57 mil

Toro's White 3/4 x 500 Poly Tubing #WHD2057-050     (0.927 x .817)  0.805" ID   Wall Thickness 57 mil

Backed by a 7-year warranty, the tubing is always manufactured from premium grade polyethylene resins guaranteeing dependable operation.  

It is rare that this tubing will freeze.  Usually your emitters will push the water out of the hose.  If there are no emitters, you should drain the tubing or bury it below the freeze line.

Central to any point-source drip irrigation installation is the water delivery system. It needs to be reliable, trouble-free, and cost effective. 


  • Used in demanding applications worldwide
  • Provides unsurpassed toughness and dependability
  • Used in demanding applications worldwide
  • 7 Year Warranty

Ask for design help if you are not sure what size Mainline you need for your irrigation system.


A great resource for learing more on Drip Irrigation:    http://driptips.toro.com/



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Manufactured From Premium Grade Linear Low Density Polyethylene

For the most dependable long-lasting operation.

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Minimum 2% Carbon Black Added

To provide optimum protection against ultraviolet (

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