Galcon 7001 Battery-Operated Timer with Solenoid Valve (3/4" #7101 or 1" #7001). Automate your Drip Irrigation System.

Galcon 7001 Battery-Operated Timer with Solenoid Valve (3/4" #7101 or 1" #7001). Automate your Drip Irrigation System.
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Galcon’s 7000 series is a line of user-friendly, battery operated, 1- 3 station automatic controllers.  Based on the latest waterproof technology, the 7000 controllers are specifically developed to perform in all weather conditions for optimal irrigation control, including inside a valve box. The battery operated irrigation controllers are designed to irrigate and decorate home gardens of all sizes. All products are ideal for drip and sprinkler systems in home gardens, flower pots, roof gardens, and flowerbeds   

** New model allows you to put the Controller Head on any size Solenoid Valve **     (You may also know this as a DIG Controller)

The controller can be installed directly to a PVC pipe using a threaded PVC male adapter or directly to a faucet using a hose to pipe thread fitting.

Includes 3/4" inch High Flow In-Line Valve   #7101

  • Easy to operate and program
  • Automate your Drip Irrigation or Sprinkler System
  • Use with Hose or Pipe Thread Connections
  • Requires one 9-Volt  Alkaline Battery (not included)


  • DC Valve that features NPT threads
  • Controller Cover
  • 6 buttons to program with large LCD Display
  • Instruction Manual


  • Watering Duration from 1 minute to 12 Hours
  • Operating Pressure 10-125 psi
  • Emergency Backup Program of 5 Minutes every 24 Hours.
  • Manual Override
  • Low Battery Warning
  • Flow Rates:  0.1 - 128 gpm

 Do you have an issue with a buried irrigation wire and a valve that stopped working?  No problem. The Galcon 7001D is the perfect solution to meet your needs.   The Galcon 7001D operates on a single 9V alkaline battery and offers the same features of most traditional irrigation controllers.

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