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Plastic Spin Clean Filters by Jain with 100 Mesh (Blue) Screens. (3/4", 1", 1 1/2" & 2") #4E / #4EH

Plastic Spin Clean Filters by Jain with 100 Mesh (Blue) Screens.  (3/4", 1", 1 1/2" & 2")  #4E / #4EH
  • SpinClean Filter has a spin plate feature that cleans dirty water before it enters your irrigation system.
  • mesh options
  • Filter Screens by Jain (aka API)
  • example of a Spin-Clean Filter in use with Valves and Layflat
  • SpinClean Filter Screens by Mesh
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2"  SPIN CLEAN Filter by Jain, Part # 12130105.   Has a 100 Mesh Blue Screen and MPT Ball Valve for manual flushing.


Operation Incoming unfiltered water from the inlet is forced though the nozzles of a stationary spin plate at the top of the filter screen element. These nozzles blast water across the inside screen surface, continuously sweeping the screen clean, spinning debris toward the basin where it is collected. Each filter model is designed to self-clean over a flow range corresponding to pressure differentials between the inlet and outlet of the filter of from 5-8 psi. As long as the flow through the filter is sufficient to produce these pressure differentials, a strong self-cleaning action will be maintained. These flow ranges are shown for each filter model in the Flow Range charts. These pressure differentials are critical for the filter to run long periods without maintenance. Operating the filter at less than the minimum pressure differential will reduce the cleaning action resulting in more frequent screen clogging and disassembly to remove and clean the screen.

4E Spin Clean models usually require only periodic flushing of contaminants from the drain basin. With higher loading of contaminants it may be necessary to flush more frequently or on a continuous basis with a small flow of water.

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