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Install Irrigation Kit for Netbows™- Free Shipping

Install Irrigation Kit for Netbows™- Free Shipping
  • Netbow Rings to water Pots
  • Installing Netbow in a pot
  • pots on mainline using Netbow by Netafim
  • Netbow drip irrigation rings for pots and plants by Netafim.
Netbow Install Kit
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Use this along with Netbow Kit or Individual Netbows.    FREE Shipping to the 48 US Contiguous States

100' Netbow™ Installation Kit includes:    

1-   1/2" x 100' Poly Tubing Mainline
1-  3/4" Screen Filter and 30 PSI Pressure Regulator Assembly
1-  Filter to Mainline Connector   PL-55-PHS
1-   Punch
1-  Figure-8 End for 1/2" Mainline 
1-  1/2" Poly Repair Coupler ..just in case
10-  Goof Plugs... just in case
10-  11WPSCAP   Dripper Shut Off Caps to control each emitter if desired  


See the Videos & Brochures Link Above for More about NETBOW or Call us  434-374-5555

NETBOW™ 10" 8 OUTLETS 0.53GPH@ 14.5PSI ** Superb clogging resistant emitters by Typhoon!  Incredible technology!

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-Discount for ordering by the Carton -- 10" come 50 per Carton and 5" come 120 per Carton.

An innovative user friendly container irrigation multi outlet dripper arc with high clogging resistance and superb water distribution.

Specs. & Recommendations

  • Compatible with 2-15 Gallon 10-60L) containers
  • Diameter: 5",10" (120,250mm)
  • Flow Rate: 4-8 emitter outlets with flow of
  • 0.53 GPH (2.0 l/h) each at 14.5 psi (1.0 bar)
  • The flow from each emitter outlet will be determined by the hub dripper, based on the pressure developed in the NetBow inlet
  • We recommend that the flow of the hub dripper to be 0.53-2.11 GPH (2-8 l/h). If your flow is out of this determined range please follow Netafim guidelines for on-line emitter design.
  • Chemical and UV resistance for durability -- Colored light gray for improved light reflection
  • Max. operating pressure for hub drippers - 58.0 psi
  • High clogging resistance by associating Netafim proven Typhoon™ drippers
  • Superb uniformity with 8 dripping outlets
  • Easy to place in the container & to connect the micro tube
  • Surface wetting that distributes the water uniformly in the container substrate
  • The NetBow™ is patented by U.S. Design App. No. 29/709,373 and other countries
  • Options of connecting to diverse of hub drippers like: PCJ , PC, or Uniram™ with Dr. Zip™NetBow™

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