Easy DIY KITS for Flowers or Vegetables (Antelco Dripmate Kits. Choose a Dripper or Sprayer pattern.)

Easy DIY KITS for Flowers or Vegetables (Antelco Dripmate Kits. Choose a Dripper or Sprayer pattern.)
  • Details of a DripMate Antelco irrigation kit
  • Details of a DripMate Antelco irrigation kit
  • A quick and easy setup from the plant (spike) to the mainline.
  • Spectrum Adjustable Spike Sprayer (spray kit)
  • Shrubbler Adjustable Drippers
ANT 81495
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The Antelco DripMate® DRIP Kit and Drip Mate® Pro Kit include Shrubbler Drippers.

  • Kits Part # 81495 and 83495
  • Suitable for landscape, gardens, container plants, nurseries, and flower beds.  
  • Only Difference in 81495 and this Kit, is the true 1/2" Main Line Tubing which delivers more water and uses more common fittings. 
  • This is the inside diameter of the tubing.

The Drip Mate® SPRAY Kit uses adjustable Spectrum™ Sprayers, for larger area coverage.

  • An adjustable flow, full circle vortex sprayer with fine water droplets.  Flow and coverage can be altered by rotating the cap.
  • Kit Part # 82095
  • Suitable for landscape, gardens,  nurseries, and flower beds.  


Included in Each Kit

  STANDARD DRIP 81495 SPRAY KIT  82095  PRO DRIP  83495
50' Mainline Tubing .620 x .520 .620 x .520 .600 x. 700
25 Adjustable Spikes Shrubbler Spectrum Shrubbler
50' 1/4" Micro Tubing # 51032  .150 x .225 # 51032  .150 x .225 # 51032  .150 x .225
Goof Plugs  (Rack of 10) (Rack of 10) (Rack of 10)
Snap-On Filter YES YES YES
Ratchet Clamp YES YES YES

Figure-8 End


1 Mainline Tee YES YES YES
1 Mainline Elbow YES YES YES

Key Punch to install 


Instructions YES YES YES

Ability to add on 25 more




For Tubing - Go to the Hose Category


SPRAY Kit includes Spectrums:  Click Here for more on the Spectrum.           Drip Kits include Shrubblers:     CLICK HERE FOR MORE ON THE SHRUBBLERS


The Drip Mate® Kits come complete with instructions and all of the essential micro drip components needed to install an efficient drip irrigation system.


  • The Drip Mate® Drip kit connects directly to a hose tap or can be made to adapt to an existing sprinkler system.
  • Instructions provided for easy installation.
  • UV stabilized materials for long life.

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